Problem trying to read PMs

Someone must have mentioned this already?

In IE7, the text of PMs breaks to the right to the edge of the page, thus extending over the 'My Account Tools' column and virtually unreadable.
(Good CO)

Thanks for flagging this up. It was a result of a fix to limit th width of external pictures included in posts. I *think* that both are now fixed, but I'll wait for the next problem!
The fix to limit the width of external images in posts won't work in IE6 but otherwise all seems OK. I also removed the horrible thick border around attachments while I was at it.
opps me bad its working now GCO... was last night it was when i last looked

slinks off to naughty step to write out 100 times 'Doh keep up halo' :oops:
Dont shout at me because i am a computer div. :oops:

When ever i get a pm and click on it,it says broken link and page not found.

I thought it was me and was waiting for it to correct itself,mind you it still might be me.