Problem logging into Gmail using Opera?

Nerd hat on.

After updating my Opera browser yesterday I had major problems logging into Gmail. After 12 hrs I've discovered the 413 error I kept getting was a browser fault.

The fix is to copy & paste opera:config#Network|UseSpdy2 into your address bar & press enter. This should get you the relevant section of Opera Preferences Editor. Uncheck "Use Spdy2" & "Use Spdy3" & save. Then reboot the browser & everything's back to normal.

Nerd hat off.
No problems here, but I'm still on opera 11.64 after rolling back from version 12 as it was a nightmare. Used all available cpu and crashed constantly. Especially if trying to watch video.
My problem started with the update released yesterday (v12.10). Everything else was fine except logging into Google.

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