Problem I need help with before joining.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jcrusader, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. Hello for the last several years I have been taking several supplements including fish oils and multi vitamins. All of which are easy to purchase over the counter. These supplements over time have made me feel better both physically and mentally. But to state I have no medical conditions and am 100% sure I can pass the medical tests. However my worry is without taking these supplements my health could possibly decline after several months. (I can survive basic training). My question basically is while off on active duty will there be anywhere I can store my supplements. They have do be put in a cool place. Otherwise they will die. I would be believe taking a mini fridge would not work because electricity would be unreliable. Is there any way around this. I am sure it's not uncommon for recruits to take regular supplements.
    Thanks for your time.
  2. Disco, wake up!!!!!!
  3. Louder my friend, LOUDER.

    Jcrusader, once you start basic, let your team leader know your predicament, and they'll provide unlimited quantities of dry ice for you. There are special sealed pouches available for this very problem.

    It's obviously impractical for you to take a mini fridge with you on field trips as you have already pointed out, electricity, especially in the North of the country, is highly unreliable, although experts are working on an alternative to AC (and DC) output. I believe it's still classified, however most people I've chatted to are led to believe it's to do with an organic pulse. (I don't mean naturally grown beans though. LOL)

    If you honestly reckon you can go through the basic phase of training without your supplements, think again. You WILL need them, trust me, I've been there and tried it, it was a nightmare scenario. I ended up having to sneak out 'over the wire' as we called it, and hit the 24 hour chemists at least twice a week. There were 5 of us in my troupe with the same problem, but proper teamwork saved the day.

    One of the girls, Belinda, was suffering so bad, her mum, Fiona, had to have words with the troupe leader, and that caused no end of friction.

    Still, if the Ballet School won't help you out, you could try the Army, I hear they are as keen as mustard for recruits with challenging entry requirements. (Although your dancing career may go on hold for a bit.)

    Good luck.

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  4. I smell a ROP trap here.
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  5. Well the early morning crew are being polite, so it won't be us. Will it?

  6. I heard about this aswell i never suffered from the problem myself but witnessed it first hand it was like a drying out clinic for smack heads, oh how people suffered if only the spar at catterick supplied these things how the dilemma would have been sorted
  7. Are you serious mate? Take fish oils and multi vitamins with you wherver you go if you want - they won't need freezing, but you're talking about joining the regular army! You will be well fed - well trained / exercised and you will reach a peak of physical fitness you have never felt before. Short answer, forget about all that shit, because if you really truly think you need it, then you're not cut out for the army. In short -take off your skirt, cancel the manicure, grow A moustache and harden the fcuk up. If you want to be a soldier, forget all that placebo mumbo jumbo you think that if you make it through training and get to your battalion and eventually get deployed on ops that the QM is going to make sure you get your weekly supply of St John's Wort and Cod Liver Oil....sorry to be so blunt mate, but that's the way it is...
  8. Love it!
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  9. NickMck -Haai Vriend! Hoe gaan dit? We must be kindrid spirits broer, I grew up in the UK and did my time in the British Army but I'm Durban born - Aangename kennis..
  10. Ek kon my oe amper nie glo nie! Aangename kennis broer, hoe gaan dit dai kant? Ek is in die prosses om oor te kom en die weermag te join, hoe lank is jy al in? Ek soek net help met bly plek dai kant, ek sukkel my gat af! Ek will oor kom op n 6 maand visa general visitors, dink jy dit sal genoeg tyd wees? en dan moet ek net bly plek en n tydlike werk kry....

    So you must be a Shark supporter then :) Good to hear from a fellow South African and I'm glad you got out of SA!
  11. Its too early for this rubbish!
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