Problem for Recce Mechs to advise!


SIL's mate has a French ex-mil crane weighs 23 ton. It is bogged down in a field.
SIL has a Yank Rio with a 10 ton winch. Another mate has a 432. They have tried winching using the 432 as anchor, sideways because of space, but it dragged the 432 & they stopped before the tracks came off!!
They don't want to try to drag out with the 432 as it would cause one hell of a lot of damage to field & can't use the 432 to pull the Rio backwards because of space, the two vehicles won't fit unless the take away a tree & telegraph pole.
Any ideas?
Crane weight plus mud/ earth ect is to great for 432 which I think is about 12 tons so you need a Block and Tackle to increase the straight pull of the 432 by useing a double tackle you would increase the pull of the 432 or 10 ton winch by 4 that should do it


I'm no expert but even I can see the glaring error in your solution!

Even if oldbaldy's chums gather the requisite block and tackle, how do you expect the damn thing to move without a 24 pack of lubricating nectar? And there was no mention of calling the local radio station to broadcast the predicament in order to *ahem* warn others of the obstruction.
Sorry I forgot the important things, Its some time since I recovered anything big, these days its just camper vans. I use a 1 1/2 ton OX winch that I keep in a bag in my van, It slots onto a towing hitch or can be stroped onto the front towing point and does the job well, But as my camper van is always fully kitted with full survival gear, ( half a dozen slabs of beer and a full cocktail cabinet) I dont have have that problem with lubrication


They almost did Smudge when using the tree as part of an anchor, bloody thing nearly went into the pole. :D
They will get it out this weekend but are trying to do it with as little damage to the field as possible, the owner lets them 'play' on it so they want to keep him 'onside' :) Although why anyone want to 'play' with a 23 ton crane is beyond me, & a Frog one to boot.


They did it but made a bit of a mess. :lol:

Still can't work out why he wanted to move the 23 ton crane to in front of his house though :?
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