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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by scouse_tomo, Jul 19, 2010.

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  1. Hi any advice would be much appreciated, i've passed the selection process and got my date for basic in august,
    when i began my application i had a conviction for ABH from 2008 that i was upfront about
    and everything was fine with that,i also had a conviction from 2005 that i thought was spent
    but i only found out now that it's not,because i thought it was spent i didnt mention it,
    just need a bit of advice as to what will happen in this situation? i'm just really worried now
    that i'm going to lose my place at basic now over a stupid mistake
  2. How did it come about that you thought the conviction was spent and now it isn't?
  3. I just got my dates mixed up i thought it was from 2003-2004, but it's from 2005 and not yet spent. It's my own stupid fault for not double checking and making sure of the date.
  4. You need to tell them now, or don't but i'm pretty sure if it comes up at some point you enlisted with undeclared convictions they can discharge you at their own will.
  5. Just go into see your Recruiter with all the relevant information, you may find out with two Unspent convictions that you are fine, get the 493 rehabilitation form completed, you NEED to get it all done ASP as when your disclosure scotland comes back it will have all the details on it.

    Like I said only YOUR RECRUITER will be able to advise properly once hes seen all the evidence and work out you Rehabilitation periods.
  6. OK just go tell the recruiter and as iron says you are usually fine with 2 unspent convictions as long as their not for anything really serious, thats what i was told by my recruiter when i joined.
  7. Thanks for the advice fellas, i feel a bit better now.

    I'll go in first thing in the morning, hopefully everything will be ok.