Probe into fare dodger incident

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mad_Moriarty, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. The inspector allegedly pinned the hooded man to the floor and put both hands around his throat at Southend East station on 28 September.

    " Make sure you have your correct fare folks!"

    More here
  2. "The inspector allegedly pinned the hooded man to the floor...The passenger [the hooded man]allegedly failed to stop when asked to produce a ticket and was said to have been verbally abusive towards staff."

    Hope the inspector doesn't get into trouble for this.
  3. i work on trains now we take verbal abuse all day and are expected to take it . we also have a hands off policy which all local scroats know about . however recently used good old gooseneck as minimum force to defend and got away with it
  4. Is this the same bloke that was spat at? Fair dues he was checking to see if the guy had a ticket. If the scroat had a ticket it wouldn't have happened.

    I get frusterated at the three ticket checks on my journey (both stations and on the train) but don't spit at the guard.
  5. Good-the fair dodging kunt deserved it. It was reported in thelondonpaper freebie earlier this week as well.
  6. I think the inspector acted in a terrible manner. (bolox, i just wanted to see how it feels to type like a lefty lol)
  7. HE will get into a lot of trouble - it was filmed on camerapheno and his feet won't touch the ground!
  8. I do miss the Metro, the days befores Evening Standard news did you know!
  9. londonpaper, metro and life(or whatever it is called) are all better than the Evening Standard. They had a good article on lesbians in yesterdays londonlife.
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    No doubt he will be sacked.

    The rail companies will drop someone like a hot potato if they have the evidnece.

    The Managers set aside time to view videos of alleged wrong doing to catch out staff. Then again every Manager has to survive the Xmas cull which I have seen. So what goes around comes around.