Probe Call For Rendition Flights Via Scotland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Info Ops, May 28, 2013.

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  1. After recent events, are they asking for the US to restart rendition flights?
  2. Must mean a few MSp,s want to get their faces on the TV, useless ***** every one of them
  3. I suppose they'd be within their rights to board the aircraft and ask whether anybody wants to claim asylum.
  4. Shame they never took most of the useless twat MSP's with them
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  5. I like the way it's the Scottish's role, as Westminster had nothing to do with it. Welcome to independence you abuser of human rights.
  6. AfghanAndy

    AfghanAndy On ROPs

    I can see this going down like a lead balloon. Not to mention the fact that MSPs hardly have any power to investigate this.
    It'll be like the big debate they had a few years ago about the Palestinians......pointless, a financial burden to the tax payer and diverted resources away from what they can do, but choose not to do, as it allows them to blame the English instead.
  7. More to the point it's a matter for the Police to investigate;

    “The Scottish police did not receive any specific reports of incidents involving so called rendition flights and consequently no reports of cases were submitted to the COPFS. Anyone who has any evidence that Scottish Airports were used for rendition should make this evidence available to Police Scotland.”

    I think your in danger of contradicting yourself if your arguing it is not in the remit of the the Scottish Parliament to concern itself with alleged criminal activity in Scotland. I don't think anyone's "nationality" will be a mitigating factor if it comes to it.

    "Son, we live in a world that has walls and those walls need to be guarded.........", it also has laws and rules; if not why bother defending our freedoms if we are prepared to give them up or have them taken away without redress.
  8. I mind the Private Eye splash like it was yesterday. "Fly Nigeria. We'll take good care of you, matey."

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  9. Scots law embraces European and international conventions. All it would take is reasonable suspicion to get a suspect flight halted and boarded by Scottish police.

    And whoever is disarmed, arrested and put on trial is a matter for the Scottish authorities, no matter what the UK Home Secretary, US Department of State or anyone else wants. In that respect, we are already independent.
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  10. The idea of carting untried prisoners off to places where they can be tortured legally doesn't appeal to most decent people.

    We only have the chance to do something about this while they're on our soil, so IMHO Scottish airport policing units could be proactive with reasonable suspicion and intelligence.

    Putting a few CIA operatives or contractors on trial would send out a strong message that would resonate far and wide among those who don't share our values.

    Potentially, it could also discourage terrorist attacks or activity in our country.
  11. AfghanAndy

    AfghanAndy On ROPs

    No, I'm arguing that the MSPs we have at the moment are as useful a tits on fish and no doubt Salmond will try and lie his way out of it saying that a serate Scotland wouldn't have been involved in such issues, if they've actually happened.
  12. AfghanAndy

    AfghanAndy On ROPs

    You really do talk a load of Shite you navel gazing mong.