Probationary Subalterns - Tour Opportunities

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SilverBullet, Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. Following my recent vitriolic outpouring on the 'TA Officers - Boarded Posts' post, I decided to do a bit of sniffing around TA regs to find out what the SP is in relation to probationary subbies going on tour.

    In black and white, TA Regs para 4.065. Exclusions, it clearly states...

    "While on probation, officers will be eligible to be considered for call-out. However, unit commanding officers will be expected to exercise their discretion, bearing in mind all the facts relevant to the individual case, before recommending an officer on probation for selection for call-out"

    Even more interesting is that under TA Regs para 4.063. Probationary Period it states...

    The minimum period of probation is one year except for officers serving on SSVC, FTRS or mobilised service engagement who may be confirmed, if recommended, after 6 months of that engagement.

    So, not only can a Subby go on tour (with the OK from their CO), they can actually have their probation shortened by doing a good job if they do go.

    So what though? The opportunities aren't there anyway (not according to the Mobilisation people), but useful to know next time someone trots out the 'You can't go if you're on probation' standard.
  2. What about the mobilisation 17 Oct 05 - told this was a compulsory call out? Volunteers are always better than a pressed man (or lady) surely :roll: