probationary period prior to FAC grant

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by medic-matt, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. Ive been a member of a local civvi shooting club for a few weeks and ive decided i definately want to join as a full member. however they have a policy of a minimum of 3 months before you can join as full. Ive been going on average twice a week.
    Seems like even when the 3 months is up it will take them a while to the arses into gear and sort what they need to with the local plod to grant my FAC.

    Ive just joined the army target shooting club so will that suffice for sufficient reason to own a firearms (.308)? if so i can put this on my FAC application so I can purchase my rifle and use it at my probationary club aswell as ATSC.
  2. I have just become a full member of my club...i started the process back in September!! And we meet twice a month normally....i was told to expect a while.....i was assessed on my handling and safety by different people in the club and when they were happy i took an NRA theory test which gave me the Competency Card - and my club card. I'm itching to apply for my FAC, which i can now...but a few of the blokes said just relax....take your time, fire a few guns that some of the blokes have and see what you like then put some choices on your application. :wink: My club don't fill in my FAC application - that will be down to me.
  3. Most clubs now operate a three- to six-month probationary period for new non-FAC holders. Sometimes this might be shortened if you are known to be serving HM forces and experienced in weapons handling.

    Don't get impatient with the system: shooting clubs are under increasing bureaucratic requirement to validate their members as competent and safe to use firearms on MoD ranges (ie most ranges). This is all part of the modern buck-passing trend, and civilian shooting clubs are at the bottom of the legal dung heap. To be frank, its not just a matter of proving you can safely handle a rifle and shoot a decent group - your fellow club members will want to see enough of you to feel comfortable that you're not a closet nutter or prone to "forget" safety rules.

    Don't take it personally - last week the RCO at one of my clubs publicly ordered someone off the point for being a dangerous mong, and that person had been an FAC holder for about 30 years... When the club secretary eventually signs the FAC recommendation for the Police, he's opening himself up to some legal liability.
  4. I did my NRA Competency exam a few weeks ago. So hopefully this all goes in my favour. I thought people in the forces may find it easier to get a FAC, guess not!

    thanks for your input btw, appreciate it.
  5. Back in the 80s we had a new member in our club in Cardiff, who coned his way into our club, and on the first time he was un-attended walked into the toilet and shot himself twice. His father was a very senior policeman and it was all hushed up. So don't take the pee, you must prove to the club you are not a nutter, walt, wannabee
  6. Our club rules for becoming a full member are a probationary period of three months if you already hold an FAC and six months for a non holder with a minimum number of visits.

    As said before it gives all club members a chance to see the new shooter, see how they fit in and their attitude to safety and rules.

    It also in the case of non FAC holders filters out those who join on a whim thinking they can get a gun without the committment to learn and attend.

    I seem to remember someone on our committee saying it was a Home Office requirement for three months probation but I have never seen that written down.