Probation "service" Hang them first. Hang the murderers next

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, Dec 16, 2009.

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    It's these parole boards and probation officers who should be locked up, or better still just hang them. People with such a warped sense of morality and public duty have no place in society,
  2. The risk can be eliminated by either keeping them locked up forever, or keeping them locked up until they're so old and fcuked they can't do anything anymore. Simple really.

    And as for the offenders rights? Er, well sorry, but you give up your rights when you start chopping people up and murdering them.
  3. I dont know if it is me that is abnormal or the people who make these procedures are.

    Am I the one lacking in sympathy, empathy and the aspiration of rehabilitation that normal people hold ( probation service ) for the offender to be helped as a priority?

    Or Am I normal in thinking that these bastard freaks( offenders ) in the shape of a human being, lose all rights and compassion as soon as they raise their hand and torture, kill and mutilate another?.....the the probation service and all people connected with these unnatural affronts to common justice are the ones that are totally fecked up in the head?
  4. Laws can be made quite simple:

    Offences of murder, rape, paedophilia, treason or anything along those lines, should be punishable by instant death unless there are mitigating circumstances (wife kills husband cause he shags the kids).

    Lesser offences should have a three strikes and you're out. On the third offence the offender should be killed. If they haven't learnt by their third offence they never will.

    Why should we put up with scum? Wouldn't the country be a lot better (and richer) place without them?
  5. I'm led to believe there's always at least one bible basher at a parole hearing . If you're wanting to be released from jail then just attend the prison chapel every Sunday and quote a bible passage at the hearing and you're guarenteed to be released
  6. My other half works in youth justice and runs into probation officers and prison social workers all the time and if you want to p1ss her off just mention them. In her opinion they are more of a problem than the offenders, they will do anything to get offenders off thier books and screw the victims, "They need understanding and a chance to prove themselves". My arrse.
  7. Yes.

    Unfortunately, we first have to get rid of the politicians, lawyers etc who protect the scum. And I don't see that happening anytime soon. :evil:

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Simple - subject the Parole Board to unlimited liability for all future offences committed by the crim. This would improve the decision-making overnight.
  9. AGREED!

  10. Would you be advocating a return to the Bloody Code,or perhaps a large portion of Sharia Law?
  11. If it's better than our current useless laws then yes. The country is at bursting point anyway. Kill all the scum (most aren't working anyway) and we solve housing problems, unemployment and crime.
  12. Green home,your stage one is flawed.How often do posters complain about the already over blown State non jobs without any more being added. Why not just go the hole hog,if they can walk,you need I.E.D. detection kits for dusty places,why not use them,thereby eliminating stage 2.Any that survive 5 trips are rehabilitated!
  13. Fixed it for you! :twisted:
  14. Ididnot at anytime mention paying them simply because it's PAYBACK TIME!
  15. No no,5 will do,each of 1 year to run consecutively,one way tickets only required.