Probably the worlds worst mother

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. "Chytoria"? where do they get these Names from?

    Ingredients labels?

    27 years old, 5 children, unmarried, way to perpetuate a Stereotype honey.
  2. What a fricking stupid bi*ch.
    I would like to get her and bounce her head against somat very hard. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  3. I'm lost for words..........does the mother not have the ability to think...
  4. Simple??? she swung a tiny baby and used it to hit someone with and thats simple?? :x

    The bitch should be charged with attempted murder!!
  5. Ah, a loving caring attitude, like hell!!!

    Shouldn't there be some sort of anti-breeding programme in the world?
  6. Using her baby as a weapon :twisted: :? Has she never heard of the good old frying pan :roll:

    Lock the bitch up and throw away the key... :nod:
  7. [align=center]what a messed up situation...hope she gets everythin thats coming to her...burn in hell fu*ker :x

    hopefully that kid gets a decent home with a loving family now like..
  8. You know, when I see reports like this, I think that Herr Schickelgrueber may have had some valid ideas
  9. More details here - LINK

    Also on that page is a video link to the local TV news from the Erie area. There is a picture of the Mum looking badly beaten up and details of the baby, which is in intensive care due to head injuries and has had to be drug induced to coma state to give the brain chance to recover.

    Poor little baba, it doesn't look good :cry:

  10. Thinking chytoria might be an obscure venereal disease, I tried google. No luck. The nearest approximation was 'Cytheria the squirting porn star'. Perhaps Chytoria is her sister.
  11. Suddenly enforced sterilisation doesn't seem too radical an idea after all.............
  12. There was a case, i believe in the states, where a mother killed her three children. When ask why by a police officer, she said, "it's ok, I can have more."! Classic psychopath.
  13. This woman is a challenger for the title of worst mother - killed her 4 babies just after giving birth to