Probably only applies to the old fogeys, but read anyway!!!

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by putteesinmyhands, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Driving laws change over time, but how many are aware of changes?

    Case in question is that of driving vans and the speed limits that are imposed, according to class.

    Shortly after the dinosaurs became extinct, vans had the same speed restrictions as cars. This was when I passed my test and started to drive vans on an occasional basis.

    As a result of passing a mobile speed camera, I've now become aware of the following: This has been in force for donkey's years.

    I must have passed hundreds of fixed speed camera while travelling (I thought) within the speed limit. Had they been mobile units, I would have lost my licence years ago.

    I've spoken to a dozen people - all regular van users - of the same age as me and they didn't know of these "new" laws, so I thought I'd pass on the good news.

    Drive safe, out there.
  2. I love the 60 limit for Goods Vehicles exceeeding 7.5 tonnes Laden Weight - whwre do I get to see one - and don't say a Motorway - I've been there and they don't exist. Its a lie.
  3. It's a good point about the mobile camera; the automatic ones only react to car speeds but the manned ones do you by class of vehicle. Another "new" rule (12 months I think) is that over 9 seat minibuses are limited to 100kph and banned from lane 3 of the motorway. I suspect from the number I've seen doing 85 in lane 3 that they don't have a limiter fitted and don't know the rule.
  4. I'm not sure it was applied in retrospective, new vehicles are limited but older ones were not.
  5. Putties, don't you just love, Ignorance of the Law, is no defence. It's such an arrse.
  6. Putties, don't you just love, Ignorance of the Law, is no defence. It's such an arrse.
  7. My father in law got humped by exceeding the limit for his company Volkswagen van. He was doing over 80mph on a dual carriage way, thinking that he was going to get done for 10mph (it's a fair cop guv it's me wot done it an no mistake) he was outraged to find out that he was getting done for exceeding 60mph. What sent him into apoplectic rage (and hours and hours of ranting) was that the same chassis and engine but set up as a camper or 8 seater would be getting done for the 10mph. If you haven't listened to his rant about it being the same vehicle, in fact it's safer because..... then you'll never have willed your own intestines to strangle you to death.
  8. Diesel/LPG registered before 1 Oct 2001 and petrol before 31 Dec 2004 are exempt. pdf here.
    Strangely enough it quotes the speed as "100kph/60mph"; I'm sure 100kph is about 65mph?
  9. I think this anomaly is based on the definition of "Light Commercial"?
  10. It wont be much of a problem soon anyway. Laws are being drawn up so that all goods vehs over 3.5t GVW will have to have a speed limiter fitted. Not for saftey reasons I hasten to add but, enviromental reasons. The same reasons they are fitted to coaches & goods vehs over 7.5t. For added traffic congestion they,ll also be banned from lane 3. Deep joy :roll:

  11. More reason to hammer the middle-lane-monsters who stop you overtaking; blissfully unaware that there are restricted vehicles on the road.
  12. I'm sad enough to know, but on the other hand I am a magistrate or Justice of the Peace, so I would know wouldn't I.

    The key is car derived vans, so the landrover which has a county version, is a car (just like a ford fiesta and the van version), but a pickup, like a nisson navara is a van (but there's not a car version) and therefore has a maximum limit of 60mph.

    Does that make sense?
  13. No, it doesn't. Nearly, but not quite.

    I can see the Landrover "Estate" being a car and a Landrover with a canvas tilt being a van (lack of windows behind the driver's seat), but wouldn't the pick-up version (sans canvas or hard top) arguably be classed as a coupe?