probably not for the Naafi bar ;-) But "clever"

Right, that's the sensible bit out of the way, which bit of fluff in the croud would you most liketo shag. That's your favourite, not, and I hasten to add, NOT, which one do you think would let you?


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all of them would.

provided I met them in a dark alley wearing a balaclava and carrying my tool. ahem. :(
Have you zoomed to the center rear - the coppers are guarding HRH from the Guardsmen ;-) The caption would have to be either "last great act of defiance" or "you and whose Army?!"

(yes, yes, I know, it was the crowds behind the non-straight line of bearskins)
BBC News - Royal wedding: Spot yourself in our hi-def crowd picture

I've been looking for myself in the crowd for ages. Still can't see myself though. Wish I would have been there now.
On the mall itself, go to the left hand corner (as in, the corner in the road) and look around it until you get to the 3 officers saluting. Then next to their left is an armed police officer. Then, the next guardsman, stood in front of welsh flag, has the muzzle of an SA80 actually sticking out of his shoulder.

I know body piercings are becoming more acceptable in the forces now but maybe this is a bit far?

He also appears to be stabbing the policeman with his bayonet. The policeman looks very calm.


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These two obviously had a few during the morning. They appear to be legless...

Look for the soppy looking Guardsman with the cuntish wonky Bearskin.....up a little..and I'd fuck the Chinese girl wearing the Cowboy hat.

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