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Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Clevelandbay, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. I am a 45 year old civvie working in KAF, looking for a bit of female friendship, and to see if anything happens. I am divorced and up for a laugh. All replies answered
  2. Country Gal, maybe here's a frog you can turn into a Prince :)
  3. Hiya I am up for a laugh and would love to get to know you pen pal etc?
  4. I think you need to go to the Doctors Emma, you have a large purple zit that needs lancing.
  5. I think he might have given up in the intervening two years.
  6. Didn't spot the the date DOH!
  7. Given the lack of response he's probably wanked himself to death by now.
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  8. I bet you can spot a ******* cake shop in a force 9 blizzard though you tubby wretch..
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  9. **** em all emma, i like the larger lady, send me all your naked pictures, i will make good use of them.

    if your really unlucky i will come round and spaff off in your various orrifices.
  10. Did you not spot that you're a bloke and aren't called Emma?
  11. Why do you naturally assume that every spaff-guzzling spunk sponge that comes on Arrse looking for cock is a bloke? Is it wishfull thinking?

    Has Moody_Bitch taken over your account?
  12. Amphetamines and cling wrap will get her trim in no time...
  13. Because most of them are.

    Love and kisses, Koschei (21-year-old lingerie model with 34DD knockers). xxx
  14. Edible clothing.
  15. Have you substituted your keyboard for a random word generator?