(Probably) dumb kit question - Yes, Im a nig and TA to boot

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by OpsSuper, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. Chaps,

    It's nightshift, I'm going through my required kit list for my training weekend and my issued kit....

    Apparently I'm supposed to have 'Vest OD cold weather', 2 of, which I don't, unless I'm being completely stupid and it's the fetching brown t-shirts I got issued to wear under my C95 shirts, which don't seem to be mentioned.....

    It's probably a very stupid question but what is this item? Should it have been issued if I haven't got it already?

    Before anyone starts, if I was home I would ask at TAC but I'm on nights, 200 odd miles away from home and wanted to get some admin done so I don't get caught out with wrong kit when I get down to RTC the week after I get home.

  2. Any dark green plain T-shirts will do mate.If you have any dramas just tell your Cpl I said it was ok and to give me a call. Dont worry about it buddy its a minor issue in the whole scheme of things.
  3. They are long sleeved olive green thermal t shirts, sounds like you havn't been issued them.
  4. The item listed is a Norgie (Norwegian army shirt). Long sleeve, olive drab with a zip on the neck.

    Get down to your stores when you can and get them to sort you out as it's a good piece of kit.
  5. More importantly, make sure you have'nt signed for them and not got them.
  6. actually spaz is right and I'm wrong. You should've been issued with Norgies though.
  7. Important point. When signing your 1157 make sure that you actually have all the items, any good Q would make sure of this, well I always did.
  8. Mate, dont worry,

    there have been about 5 different types of T Shirt issued over the last few years, all with different designations, just have green or brown t shirts for working dress, and find out what your PT kit will be, then get lots of those, saves washing kit in the sink!
  9. Cheers for the info guys! Much appreciated.

    I did get issued a norwegian but definitely no long sleeve olive green t-shirts. I'll ask the question next week when the hangovers have cleared at the TAC.

    I'm not too bothered about it but have heard varying stories about how picky they can be about having 'correct' kit for training weekends.

    I was warned when they issued me brown t-shirts that I could get picked up for it and to just say that's what I was issued with.

    I'm pretty sure I only signed for what I got given so not worried on that score. In fairness to the guys at the TAC, they've been really helpful with pretty much all of my fool questions.
  10. Be certain, you're only signing for kit now, one day you may be responsible for some serious stuff. Always always know what you are signing for.
  11. Good point, well made..

    I'm normally quite fastidious about reading what I sign.

    Not really an excuse I know but in this case, I think I'm getting confused by the written definition and what it actually looks like. Hoping I get my head round the forces jargon quickly. I work in the oil industry FFS and I thought we had the monopoly on stupid abbreviations and jargon......How wrong I was.
  12. Oh do try to get it right first time, it's awfully bad form to have to retract (after all you're not a Catholic are you?).
  13. Just vaguely obsessed with Norwegians

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  14. being honest, every other recruit at RTC will have been issued the new brown t-shirts as well, and that is what you will all wear under your CS95.

    If not, just say 'it's what I got issued and at the TAC they told me it'd be OK' - nobody will really give a sh*t if you blame it on somebody else, it's not like turning up at a FOB without body armour or anything.
  15. The items you are missing are cold weather t-shirts. You could be forgiven for mistaking them for normal green t-shirts (Like your brown ones) except they are thicker and a tad darker in colour. They are issued with your long johns and are intended to be used with them.