Probably done before.. NAVY.... Errm..yeah..

Mate i thought that was bloody awesome. Nice one.

Giving the RDG a run for their money.

Nice use of the Helo for the hover and fly by of the ship though!!!!
i second that , bloody well done, good see a crew enjoying themselves.
Particularly liked the Lynx Crew moshing. A pleasant surprise because I was expecting a couple of tarts with their hair down.

One quick question though- when the pilot is filming the observer, who the fack is at the controls of the aircraft? It certainly appears as if they're in flight. 8O
Hard to tell. Personally I'm wondering which twisted genius had the doc do the line "Mama, just killed a man". It certainly does wonders for your confidence in RN medics.


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Anyone know the ship (other than a grey coloured big one)?

Halo pilots were good when they started moshing & was it my eyes that deceived me when I though someone was playing an SA80 whilst wearing flipflops?
HMS Campbeltown.

Proves officers do bugger all! They are all making music video's!!!!!
Isn't it fitting that the Navy sing a Queen song.... nuff said
It is bloody good though, but don't tell anyone i said that.....
Wouldnt dream of it, old bean..

I could quite go for a bit of that nubile young lass at the 1:30 point.

"Didnt mean to make you cry...."

It has been on arrse before but only as a link to the scums website where you had to pay to see it so good to see it on here - FREE!!!!
Why do Naval Officers look gay? Is it that big white hat, the tiny tight blue shorts or the fact that they probably spend too much time confined in metal boxes in an all-male community?
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