Probably been done...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by All_I_Want, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. I find that about the 3rd time of watching is the funniest.....

    Web Page Name
  2. Facebook log in page. :?
  3. Sorry, its a video, you probably need a facebook account to see it.
  4. Don't bother, it's pointless. About as funny as a dead baby, only far less erotic.

    All_I_Want, can you say 'fake'?
  5. Ok its here now then....And it don't look fake to me.

    Web Page Name
  6. After the explosion the light is on again.
  7. It's sh1te and blatantly fake.
  8. I almost laughed, almost, then I saw it was so fake. Loads of crap. If you think for a second it's real, then you are a retard.
  9. Go hang yourself by your scrotum.
  10. Hello friend, I am the son of the recently deceased King Umboto of Nicarania. He left me $17,000,000,000,000,001 in his will, but I can not access it without your kind assistance. If you will help me I will endow you with 30% of my inheritings.

    Please kindly contact me with your bank account details, you dopey gullible mong cunt.


    Prince Sukaseeka
  11. FFS it's obviously faked . Look at the guy's face - it's black but his specs aren't
  12. As real as Gym Shortts CV :lol:
  13. You really are a thick tw@ if you think for one minute that this clip is real!

    This place is going downhill rapidly, can't we stop these mongs from joining?
  14. OK, OK now you mention it it does look fake ffs.

    I knew I should have stayed out of the NAAFI .
  15. You CNUT thats 60 secconds of my life i'll never get back.