Probably Been Done Before

As per the title, probably been done before, but couldn't give a flying fuck-a-doodle-dandy. Pissed as a fart as so is my doggie.

Films you shouldn't love but do.

Mine is Educting Rita. No robots. No nudity. No gratuitous violence... But love it anyway!

Pissed as a fucking fart so not ashamed to admit it... Or The Breakfast Club. That rocks too.

Oh, on an unrelated note... My doggie snores like a broken chainsaw going through wriggly tin when she's sleeping off a bender.


Fido is going to be fucking pissed off when it wakes up and finds out you've been wanking it off.


Book Reviewer
I think the doggy is mrs twattipuss going by last nights claims of a potential noshing. looks like he went for plan B - pink wine and chick flicks.
Yep. she was called out late and came back in no mood :-(


Book Reviewer
how's the hangover!

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