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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by codhead582, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. If in an ideal magical world we were given the option, what would you choose:

    a short, reliable, 5.56mm rifle that was great for having in a vehicle and allowed you to carry 10ish mags


    a long, heavy 7.62 mm elephant gun that was sometimes a bit of a pain in a vehicle, but had the bigger round.

    I appreciate that this has probably been asked a thousand times but i wanted to see what the consensus of opinion was. I am about to enter the magical world were you have a choice and was wondering if the added ballache of carrying a 7.62 was worth the benefits it brings to the party. The theater by the way is Iraq.

    Thoughts please.


  2. Do I understand this correctly? You've been given permission to saw off the protruding tube at the end of an SA80? ("... great for having in a vehicle..")
  3. If we're in fantasyland, how about Claymores glued to the outside of the Rover? For safety's sake, and to avoid confusion, paint out "FRONT" and overwrite with "THIS SIDE" (towards enemy).
  4. 7.62 was designed to kill. Cant have that in the modern PC EU world so now we use 5.56 to tickle them. SLR any day !!!!
  5. Go halfway house and get 6.8 milly like the Spams want.
    In another 50 years we might get it (oh no NATO will be gone then so no need to standardise).
  6. The Minimi...
  7. 5.56mm for Iraq is a definate.

    If you can find a weapon similar to the MINIMI type you are sorted

    5.56mm can easily penetrate the buildings out there and most of the cars, especially the older ones (i.e every car on the streets) can be penetrated.

    Remember would you want to carry a big hulking rifle in that heat i think not
  8. Been done before. Again, newbies look through the thread history.
  9. I thought he said he was a trainee magician going to a party and then driving to the theatre. What's the rifle for? Shooting elephants? I don't think he's a very nice man.