Probably asked ALOT, But pets in Single living accomadation...

What are the rules with pets? what are and arent you allowed in the blocks?
some people have reptiles etc but just curious to know the 'rules' or what people find acceptable and unacceptable to see living in someones room...and to be a little more precise of the small mammal variety...

cheers all
I used to have a pet badger.

Storage wasnt an issue, he used to fit on my bookshelf between my dwarf bondage porn collection and my commando comics.

Taking him for walks was rather fun too, especially on windy days.
Usually the rules differ for each camp & then again for each different unit. This is something you really need to ask your own Chain of Command.
Word of advice though.

Small mammal, I assume that you mean of the rodent variety.

Hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice etc....sleep all day and will keep you and your neighbours up all night chewing away at their confinement to escape.

Your not going to be flavour of the month in the block.

You cant exactly carry it round in your pocket on ex or ops either like something from 'of mice and men'

Fish and reptiles are usually ok. I know they were allowed on station in the crabs but not much else, lest alone dogs and cats.

If you really want something furry and cuddly to play with, get your self a woman or a teddy bear

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