Probably a stupid question (Paras)

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ANaylor, Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. In training after week 6 recruits get to wear the regimental beret, what do para recruits wear? because they haven't earn the maroon beret.
  2. I thought you got a choice of either Mickey Mouse ears or a balaclava. But you don't

    More Para Recruit Experiences - British Army Website

    Recruits wear field caps for the first six weeks of training. At the end of week 6 the recruits are tested on the parade square by performing drill and questioned on regimental history. If the recruits pass they are given the Parachute Regiment beret to wear. The beret will have a green backing behind the winged cap badge to illustrate the recruit has passed off the square, however, he has not passed P Company. Once the recruit has passed P Company the green backing can be removed from the beret.

    Doesn't matter it won't look as smart as a Royal Anglian beret......... :)
  3. They wear the maroon beret with a green disc behind the cap badge at some stage in training. Don't know if that's at the week 6 point though.
  4. They wear the same as every other infantry SuT....wear the regimental beret with (I beleive) the green disc behind the badge. The beret dosent make you a para, the wings do.

    Edit: Balls, Bisley_Bob beat me to it.
  5. What the other two said

  6. wow really, I bet you'd be ******* gutted if you failed p coy after wearing the crown
  7. Not personally, I hate heights and have no intention of ever jumping out of a plane with some material and a few bits of string.
  8. Alternatively the T.A used to wear a standard DPM 'crap hat' though times may have changed?
  9. Policy on this has changed a number of times over the years....pre-direct intake I'm pretty sure the blokes wore their parent Regt beret etc until passing P Coy, after that some of the old recruit photos I've seen show the lads wearing the beret without any backing, then at some stage the backing was brought in to denote recruit status.

    During the mid 80's recruits went through a period of wearing the cnut cap right up to P Coy with shoulder flashes of red, blue, green to denote what stage of training they were system imho....then the green backing was brought back in and has stayed.

    Juniors used to wear a blue backing behind the badge.
  10. X59

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    Nobody has earned the maroon beret untill they've walked all the way to the clothing store.
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  11. Don't they have a piece of some bird's knickers on theirs?

  12. With embossed skid marks!!!!!!:muhaha:
  13. I heard your given it... none of this earning malarkey :)