Probably a silly question but:

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by TamH70, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. Do you need a FAC to own one of the old Baker Rifles, as featured in "Sharpe"?
    I have loved the look of them ever since I saw the first episode of that show.

  2. if you want to shoot it yes and your turn into one of those wierd black powder shooting addicts that make target shooters like ugly look normal :)
    if you have the cash and just want to hang one on the wall non problem.
    but your want to shoot it won't you? your hear it whispering to you and then it will be far far too late :)
  3. God yes, I would love to fire one. Not sure I would suit the half-leather, half-canvas trousers and silver-buttoned green jacket that Sharpe wears (and I am one of these sad bastards who hates the idea of wearing any uniform bits and pieces that one was not entitled to), but going on a range and seeing what one could do with a big **** off lead thingy is really enticing.

  4. I thought you only needed a shotgun licence as it's an antique and of an obselete calibre. My old man holds a French rifle-musket on a shotgun licence at any rate. But maybe that's just Dorset police!
  5. Hmm, I will have to check that out I suppose. I also wonder how accurate it would be with some modern diopter sights fitted?
    Probably wouldn't do much good, but it would be fun to try em out anyway.

  6. I reckon you just want to have a crack at shooting 3 rounds a minute.

    There was one up for grabs last year at some 7 Rifles shooting comp, not sure who got it in the end. It was a replica but it fired apparently.
  7. Yah, schuldich. I would, :cool:

    Or maybe four if I did the cheaty thing that Sharpey did in "Sharpe's Regiment"

  8. No, the Baker is/was a rifle rather than a smoothbore, so a replica (or even an original) will need an FAC if it's going to be used.

    EDIT: You can get one here: Peter Dyson & Son Ltd. REPRODUCTION GUNS

    Or a cheaper non-firer here: Baker Rifle  for Sale (Sharpe's Rifles) 
  9. TT, you never cease to amaze me with the stuff you have found on the 'Tinter Web!!

  10. Thanks. Tropper taught me all he knew.
  11. Oh thanks folks. Tried to find a Baker Rifle today on t'interweb, but all I could find was a reproduction Indian Baker Pattern shotgun.

  12. I own one of the repros from Peter Dyson as linked by TT. It is magnificent and a 100% accurate reproduction of the Baker, of which the Indian ones are not. It is very accurate at 50m, haven't taken it to 100m yet but I see no reason why it will perform worse. Only trouble is that it is REALLY expensive, but what to you expect for an individually handcrafted rifle made by a UK gunsmith, oh and they take 1 year to make so you need to be patient.


    Won me 3rd place in the Cloggy BP national championships a few years back against a range of poncy American double set trigger/diopter fitted squirrel guns (.40"-.45").
  13. If it really is a rifle and is of modern manufacture (post 1939 if I remember correctly) then he is committing an offence, it needs an FAC. If it is a musket (unrifled) then a Shotgun certificate is fine. If it is an antique and he does not fire it, then it is Section 58 and requires no license of any kind.

    This confusion between rifles, muskets and rifled muskets is the result of the Duke of Wellington not wanting every solder to have a rifle - so they called them rifled muskets to keep him quiet.

    Dorset Police do not have the powers to vary primary legislation.