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I’ve recently initiated the British Army overseas application process from South Africa. I was hoping to elicit a bit of advice from the esteemed medical types of Arrse with regard to the RG8 medical questionnaire that I need to submit. I’ve a rather long post here, and give profuse thanks in advance to any who are willing to read through the whole thing and offer any useful advice.

Approximately a year ago, I fainted during a kendo class (a Japanese thing where people wack each other with sticks) and somewhat unwisely broke my fall using my chin – thus fracturing my jaw. Now, I’m not susceptible to seizures or fainting spells or anything like that, this was just a case of me being a dehydrated, stubborn ********.

Prior to class that evening, I’d gone for a jog of about an hour. I hadn’t eaten anything apart from a light breakfast that morning, had drank very little water throughout the day, and about 30 minutes after my jog I had a bowl of microwave noodles and a tin of tuna for supper. At this point I had quite a bad headache already, but nonetheless, about 15 minutes later I started my kendo class. Following 10 minutes of vigorous callisthenics (uncharacteristically, I’d already started feeling slightly nauseous during these exercises,) we lined up to receive a lecture.

Now the object is to try to stand perfectly still while the instructor speaks (in a posture much resembling standing to attention,) and like a very proud idiot, I did just this despite feeling increasingly nauseous and light-headed, thinking that it would go away. Eventually after about 10 or 15 minutes of standing like this, my ears started ringing and my vision went white. I woke up on the floor a few seconds later with a broken jaw. Apparently I’d toppled quite neatly and slammed into the ground chin first.

My jaw’s healed perfectly well now, and all wires and plates were removed months ago. The fainting thing has never happened before or since, and my doctor assures me that it was a case of dehydration (and stupidity.)

What I wanted to know, was how likely I am to have my application deferred because of this incident, and if there is anything at all that I can do, e.g. in terms of submitting documentation from my doctor, etc, to avoid it? Do I even need to be concerned, or am I just being stupid (again)?

You may be aware of the so-called Mercenary Bill which is currently in the process of being passed in South Africa. It would essentially bar SA citizens from enlisting in the British Army, but I’ve been told by the High Commission and the Army recruiting group that I can still try to join the Army until the Bill has been passed, and the MOD will try to help those who are enlisted to obtain permission from the SA government to continue serving once the Bill has been passed. So I’m in a bit of a race against time here to join up before the Bill goes through, which makes any possible medical deferrals highly problematic.

One option that I have been tentatively considering, is to not mention this incident on my application at all (my GP doesn’t know about it, and we have no NHS equivalent.) I understand that lack of full disclosure could lead to a MD if found out, and I can appreciate the reason for this. However, I really don’t think this incident would make me a potential liability in a combat situation, although an army doctor would obviously know for certain. Apart from the incident mentioned above, I’ve no medical problems at all, and I’m quite fit.

I’m just worried that they might go through a large number of applications on a daily basis, and it may be easier for them to just assign a ‘default’ deferral period when my form falls across their desks, as opposed to really considering the medical merits of my case. To me it seems as if it might be a toss up between the risk of possibly getting an MD one day, or not getting into the Army at all, if the Bill passes before a deferral period is over.

Again, many thanks if you have read through all of this. I would truly appreciate any advice you may have to offer.

you probably suffered from

Im an eejit - dehydrated and malnurished,

or commonly known as a simple faint!!

Now your jaw has healed, there will be a set time that you must wait before they accept you. You will need to be referred to an Army Orthopaedic Specialist.

But the only way you find out - is by puting in your papers now, then you will receive the definative answer

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