Pro terrorist site??? ( in the UK )

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Adam(KOS), Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Free speech?
  2. Justifying terrorism?? 8O
  3. You Can bet its being monitored by GCHQ et al
  4. Yup, that's free speech
  5. They do go on a bit, I would imagine that most terrorists would die of boredom before they got to the end of that load of cobblers.
  6. I think what he is trying to suggest is the Government are proposing measures that will assist in catching terrorists but they fail to mop up obviously subversive groups.

    Its a very fine line between allowing full free speech and controlling information. It depends what excuse you use to silence people.

    If you curtail or restrict members of the public in anyway whatsoever, terrorism is working.
  7. In one.
  8. Free means free. That's what makes us British, not some tin pot dictatorship.

    Besides, the best defence against extremism is to expose it to the light. Let people read it and realise what an incoherent rambling pile of crap it is.
  9. Perhaps leave the obvious ones like this alone, so idiots can find it, track said idiots, and track them to other harder-to-find sites. Log it all then prosecute them. Or "ptchoo ptchoo"? Who knows? :)
  10. :oops: Nope! But I would have thought that in any other forum life, the thread would have been deleted if it fell outside the 'spirit' of the forum.
  12. Don't be silly PTP, getting all the facts means they can't have a free ride ont he outrage bus.
  13. Not on my system. Frapping DII have banned it! :D