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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Dogwalker, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. Ihave a pair of Pro boots which have seen better days. I only use them for walking the dog and are great this time of year.

    I wish to replace them. Mine are the original design with the red lining. I noticed you can get a new version of Pro boots with grey lining and a pull on tab on the back of the boot.

    Are these any good or am i better sticking to the first design?

    I presume the new version is the current issue?

    Many thanks
  2. Got a pair of those very happy with them .
  3. Seconded, had both and been happy with both.
  4. In my mob, they don't get issued unless you have problems with the assault boots.
  5. The new style Pro boot. What are they like for comfort from the offset? can you tab it out from new with no drama's like lowa combat boot's.
  6. I've found them fine from the start.
  7. Best Ive had, just wish you exchange the feckers.
  8. Go to the quacks and say your feet are fecked doing phys in assault boots, but proboots were much better, worked for loads of us :wink:
  9. Seen some peoples soles fall of their Pro-boots, so I don't know whats going on there? They were also near enough brand new.
  10. Pro boots are shite. The soles disintegrate, even on lightly worn pairs.

  11. What about a re-sole in the form of vibram?
  12. Alt-berg resoled my pro boots with vibram soles when the original soles disintegrated. Cost me about 40 quid including postage.

    Look at for contact details.
  13. Had original pro boots in Bos, lasted me for a good few years, and i loved them.
    Got a pair of the new ones thru flea bay and must say I'm disappointed. Not as comfy, tags at the back stick out horizontal and having used them thru the winter am not 100% sure of the water proofing.

    Personally my next pair will be either Lowa or Altberg.
  14. I've got both (me and the store-man go back aways) and of the 2 the new ones are best - my old pair are re-soled (vibram, 30 quid) but the heels are still very hard and hurt to tab in. The new ones were comfy as straight out of the box. nice.
  15. prefer my Scarpas, the new pro is slowly growing on me. In saying that am making the pilgrimage to Altberg factory for a pair of their fine make.