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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Hantslad, Feb 11, 2006.

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  1. I got issued pro boots when I went to Bosnia a few years back. They are now starting to get a bit worn on the soles. If I was to hand them in to my TA unit, would I get a shiny new pair back? Or would I never see them again and have them replaced with a pair of CABs???
  2. Most TA unit won't have the pro boots will they?
  3. The Pro Boots are an operational upscale, hence they will not appear on your 1157. So sadly the TA will not replace them. best bet is to find a friendly CQMS in a regular unit(try your local RIT) that will change them for you.
  4. I'd imagine that they'd be 'one time issue'. If you wear them out you won't get replacements. You could:

    a) butter up the TAC storeman and get him to 'find' you a pair.
    b) volunteer to deploy to the Balkans again.
    c) buy some, you cheapskate!
  5. I aint bloody buying a pair, and I aint going back to the Balkans either!

    I'll try the "buttering up" suggestion. Would be a shame to loose them, been the best pair of boots I've ever had, especially for walking the beat.
  6. Last I heard the 'Pro Boot' is not issued anymore except for old stock, a new cold weather boot made in the Czech Republic and very similar to Altbergs is now being issued.

    As some have mentioned, cold weather boots are a one-time issue and their is no scaling for replacement issue. Only by going on a det to somewhere where they are required would you get a replacement issue officially.
  7. What size feet you got - you can have mine, PRO Boots are shi'ite.............

    Hang on, walking the beat - dont the plod issue you with boots these days? So my blokes are whineing cos they've got crap boots and you are walking the beat in a pair one of my lads would love to have on his feet and you have the brass ones to want some more, sheeeeesh, folk these days.............
  8. Battsim, if u want rid of yours, i'll take em. don't worry bout size, i have very versatile feet :p

    wouldn't want to go givig them to plod now, woul you?

    PM for P&P details :p :D
  9. No mate, the plod no longer issue boots. They don't even give you an allowance to buy your own!
  10. Well sir, you have me at a disadvantage I can only appologise and salute your resourcefuleness, my humblest appologies..........
  11. Its quite alright, I dont want to come across as terribly hard done by!
  12. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    No allowance?

    Surely as your employer they have a duty of care to make sure you get approved footwear?

    I think West Yorks Police get a footwear allowance or boots issued as I scrounged some Altbergs from them. So the other way round for me - Military getting boots from the law. :)
  13. When I joined the old bill, not too long ago we got boots issued, they only started doing it so they could cut back on teh £50 yearly allowence!!
  14. Isn't it different from force to force!?

    Just a thought...
  15. Well they should have a national standard linked through the federation but it appears that your right and they just do what they want. Federation are a waste of space in my personal opinion anyway.