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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Major_Sharpe, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. I'm after some of the old type Pro Boots, does anyone know where I could pick a pair up?
  2. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Springfields in Burton sells them.
  3. Keep your eyes on ebay, theres bound to be a few pairs for sale on there.

    What do you mean by the classic style? I had a pair in 2001 which were slightly different to the ones they issue now. Hard to describe the difference, but the older ones were better in my opinion.
  4. The older version has a maroon/dark red lining and has 'pro boot' written on the side. The new version has a grey lining and no writing on the side!!
  5. Got mine issued on Op Telic.
    Over 6 years of use and still going strong.
  6. And the soles crumble and perish!

    I had a pair, warm , comfy and did what it said on the tin. Uppers were in perfect nick but happened that every time I wore them my right foot would start aching like buggery right on the middle of the sole
    Turned out, the dreaded sole crumble had allowed the steel shank to push up against (Inner sole?) causing pain.
    Once resoled, were back to being comfy and great again
    Civvie put a Vibram sole unit on so hoping they will now last a good long while

    Google is your friend
  7. Got mine done by a place in Canada, he was a proper bootmaker, as in he made things from scratch on the premises.
    Cant see why any decent UK repairer manufacturer cant do same thing?
    Alberg possibley?
  8. Dug mine out for the snow the other day. Hadn't worn them in years and found the same problem. Soles were crumbling in my hands. The uppers were perfect.
  9. I've had the opposite problem. I had a new pair twelve months ago and while they are comfy enough, I can't get polish to soak in at all it just kind of sits on the surface and flakes off as though I'd bulled them. The laether seems to be poor quality and appears to be cracking where the break in creases are.
  10. Bio Degradeable to keep the hippies happy perhaps?
  11. Dont know about that however the standard issue Assault Boot has a shelf life of 5 years, perhaps this applys to Pro boots also?
  12. me too, a great pair of boots. would not mind a new pair myself :D
  13. Mine were great too until i melted them on an exercise. :cry: The new pair (grey inside) I got for the sunny falklands, although decent, are somehow not quite as good. That said, perfectly good enough for my feet, and I haven't had any dramas with them.
  14. Need a bit of advice/opinion folks.I am thinking about buying a new pair of Pro boots.Problem is apart from various second hand offerings(I prefer new) and places advertising "seconds" the majority of the ones that have turned up on the interweb are advertised as having a sympatex lining as opposed to Goretex.Now what i would like to know before i fork out my hard earned sheckles is are these sympatex ones better/worse or much the same as the original Goretex ones(of which i had a pair back in the late nineties and stupidly flogged :roll: )

    Ps: The only place i have managed to find that claims to sell new,Goretex line proboots in my size is Becketts of Norwich.Anybody had dealings with this mob?Are they usually on the level?
  15. If I remember correctly.....

    The original pro boots went out of business. Some of their equipment was bought by the MOD and passed to an existing supplier who now makes them. What is still called 'Pro Boots' are now the CWW Boots on issue (one of them anyway). They are made on the same equipment using the same lasts. The existing manufacture also makes the normal combat boot.

    In some ways the spec on the current CWW/Pro boots are upgraded (temperature rating in the toe puff for one) but in other ways the specs are under assault as the supplier is trying to down grade the leather as its 'unnecessarily' high performing. The reason that it has not been downgraded so far is that the Gore liner needs good quality leather to work. There have been some troops trials of alternate soles etc but all failed (good!)

    The name pro boot was bought out I seem to think and hence the cheaper liner now in those commercially available.

    If you find genuine Pro Boots (the originals with the red cambrel liner) they are old stock. mil spec boots, to meet certain performance specs at a cheap price have a certain type of sole unit. That sole unit normally degrades due to hydrolysis between 5 -10 years (the boots shelf life). So no matter if you get a set of original Pro boots or a set of combat highs from the stores if they are somewhere between 5 and 10 years old there is a high chance the soles will crack and fall apart.

    Sometimes they last longer but be sure to get some firm guarantees from a supplier.