Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Armed_and_dangerous, Jul 12, 2006.

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  1. Although i am taking A-levels at the moment i have got one eye on joining the royal marines in the near future....
    in regards to training, what time should i be running 1.5miler? how many press-ups and sit-ups in two minutes to strand a reasonable chance in passing PRMC? this is a serious question and would like to know as im sure some people posting on here have previously done a commando course.

    p.s checked rum ration but its sh1te
  2. although i have checked what the standards are on the marine/navy website;
    The above question is in relation to warm up aswell, as i have been told that before you do best effort press ups, sit ups, 1.5 miler you will be expected to do loads of each exercise as a 'warm up'.
    so how many pressups/sit-ups do i need to be able to do to allow for the warm up aswell?
  3. i spent a week at lympstone a few months ago as a "look at life" thing with my public services course and we did all the prmc tests along with everything else, and i dont mean to worry you but i was wankered after the warm up. Its like a small session of circuit training outside in the mud sprinting about stopping, doing 10 of this that and this and then sprinting somewhere else and doing the same.

    p.s. Good luck..
  4. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the PRMC run is 3 miles not 1.5. This is done as a squad, keeping up with the P.T.I. Good luck.

  5. don't know if you meant to be funny, but i'm laughing.

    check your PM's armed

    EDIT: you might have got the same PM in a different form, more than once :D ... internet was playing up so i just gave the submit button laldie
  6. Don't know where you looked but there is a similar thread on Rum Ration. It points to www.military on there is a book
    "Recommended by: faddius
    Book: The Royal Marines Circuit Training
    Artist: Robin Eggar & Dieter Loraine"

    for info Dieter Lorraine, if memory serves correctly was (possibley still is) an international standard Iron Man competitor (or similar).
    My advice is don't set a number or a time, when you puke you've done enough, work hard every day and you'll see improvement. Don't be tempted to provide the minimum needed.