PRMC, Help.

I got my PRMC this month on the 29th. I'm very confident but worried at the same time. I can do the 3 mile run and also the bleep test, but im worried on the physical side of things. Sit ups im fine on, press ups i struggle to get to 60 within 2 minutes and Pull ups im also not so keen on.
I will put a 110% in within these 3 days at Lympsytone, but i really need an insider view. Has anybody here passed their PRMC?

I need to know wether or not i will pass if i don't complete the full set of press ups under 2 minutes and also the 'good' amount of Pull ups needed to proove to them i have what it takes.

Please post your thought's and discuss,

Best of luck to you mate! Maximum score is 30 points at the PRMC, 6 is the highest for each test, not quite sure what the minimum pass score is but as long as you give it your all then by the sound of it you will be fine. Most people perform better on the day! Thats the info I got from my mate who did his in november 06 so unless its changed...hope I've been helpful, good luck again!
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