Hi, Ive searched the Arrse forums and have been doing quite alot of reading up on the PRMAS course, however I still have a couple of questions on it, if anyone would be kind enough to answer.

I am attending the PRMAS course in May, and what I have read, it sounds like a great course and I can't wait to go. However I have a few questions and if anyone has the answers, it would be mostly appreciated.

I have read you go on exercise, which is great! but how much military training is there? because I personally can't see there being much as this would be pointless as we will learn it again at the beginning of RMAS.

Secondly, I have heard two different views to PRMAS, I have heard that the course is hard when working, but you tend to have the evenings off (unless going to see the theatre etc) to relax, have a drink etc. On the other hand I also heard you work hard into the night. Can anyone clear this up for me please?

Also, What do we get in terms of leave whilst on the 11week course? if any.


I did this course before attending Sandhurst as I too have a regional accent!

The exercise is pretty billy basic but it does help with introducing you to some of the kit. You will also do a bit of map reading and basic fieldcraft skills, all of which will be re-taught in RMAS to a much higher degree.

To be honest the course is pretty good, don't take it too seriously and have a good time. It will help you in the first 5 weeks in RMAS because you will have seen most things before.

As far as leave is concerned, you get a couple of long weekends but thats about it. You won't be required to work over the weekends either. The only night you will work is the one before you hand in your essay.
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