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Prize Draw.

Jack the farmer was only just keeping the farm alive after it being in the family for over two hundred years. Now, his old tractor had broken down and was a write off, this meant bankruptcy. Desperate to avoid losing the farm, he prayed for help. A voice inside his head told him to go to the county agricultural fair and buy a ticket for the prize draw tractor. Jack thanked the voice and asked which number he should buy. The voice in his head told him to have faith and on the day, an unmistakable sign would be given to him.

The day came and full of excitement, Jack wandered around the show looking for the divine sign that had been promised. Then it came..
right in front of him a black woman's hat lifted off in a sudden breeze. She bent over to pick it up and Jack saw that she was wearing no knickers. Suddenly her arse began to glow slightly and a fiery finger used it as a blackboard. Without her even knowing, the finger etched a 9 on each cheek. Almost sobbing with relief and joy, Jack rushed to a ticket booth and bought ticket 99.
Thanking God non stop, he waited for his beautiful brand new tractor to be drawn and a little while later the winning ticket was announced.

A black guy won the tractor with ticket No 909.

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