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Prize at mess do

I won a prize at a mess functon, a hand-held PC-thing. When it was sent to my unit, it arrived damaged, obviously opened and bits missing. Some theiving git had their fingers in the package. I wrote a nice letter to the badge, no reply. Badge left, new badge, no reply. Left unit now. What should I do. Why should I pay my outstanding mess bill when they have not replaced the prize. Appreciate not paying a mess bill is not the done thing but a tad fed up with the units attitude
Badge may not have been involved, but the PEC/Ball committee guru should have receipts and stuff (unless he's Bob Useless)

There will have been a whole finacial thing going on with treasurer and other bean counters wanting to known where the allocated prize fund was spent.

(too many times as PEC :cry: )
?? treasurer got receipt for buying the sodding thing but I never signed anything at all. I returned it and never got any notification of action. Big bean counter wants to take £10 off mess bill to cover cost of tickets and I forget the whole thing ??? No way Hose ay !
Sounds like they just can't be arrsed :evil:

As an Engineer I recommend strongly reinforcing your position with the aid of a short length of 4" x 2" :twisted:

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