Privatisation of roads. Tolls.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fablonbiffchitthe1st, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. Seems our paying roadtax isnt enough to keep the road networks in a good state of repair.

    Does this mean that I can expect either a refund or reduction in future taxcosts?
  2. No, but you may find toll booths run by some government crony on sidewalks shortly.
  3. More ere Motorists face more pay-to-drive tolls under plans to lease roads | Mail Online

    (Good job I spotted a thread had already been started eh?

    Personally, I think this is fcuking barking. We have enough roads. We should be looking at how to use them effectively and using oher means (rail, canals, shipping) where possible.

    If we got rid of the road tax (or lowered it) and then charged on the motorways and trunk roads (a la France) then I wouldn't see a problem. But private companies?

    All I see coming from this is a load of unsafe, undermaintained roads taht cost a fortune to drive on...

    Not everything should be privatised.
  4. Tesco has invested heavily in using Rail in conjunction with Stobarts. They now transport a great amount of freight to a local terminal where it's driven a short distance to the DC.

    Rail costs for the average commuter are extortionately high.
  5. According to today its another version of PFI. Someone else pays to do the work the tax payer pays them back later. Its off balance sheet funding and the finanical impact similar to the railway privatisation.
  6. Simply musing but what would be the outcome if, before this happened, a large number of hauliers decided not to use motorways for a few days?
  7. I see Virgin Roads coming over the horizon, fast rising tolls when it's not all down for maintenance, another huge tax payer bung to Branson, he should be wearing a mask.
  8. Will we end up like some of the continent ? with some toll routes deserted whilst the road next to it chokker with HGV nose to tail.

    Isnt it about time some one looked at the books

    Example Per Annum

    How much fuel duty
    Road Tax
    VAT on Fuel
    VAT on car purchase
    VAT on insurance (does it apply ??)
    Speedinf fines and other motoring fines

    Offset that against

    Road build n maintenance
    Costs to the NHS for patching RTA .

    I wonder what the numbers stack up to

    I know Im being simplistic but having seen my actual fuel cost nearly double in 4 years I think we have done our bit TBH
  9. Guess I'm the only one who can see some sense in this.

    It says existing roads won't be tolled but new roads could be.

    What is wrong with that exactly? I think there is reasonable argument to be made for an elitist 4th lane on the motorway for those who can afford it. Then those businessmen in their Audis can drive straight past the traffic in their own lane rather than driving like (late) ******* in the jammed ones.

    They've permitted it in rail travel. Savour price? London to Brum takes ages but you get there the same speed as ever. Want speed? Jump on the HS2 or whatever its called, there in a jiffy but you pay triple.

    In almost every trade I can think of, you can take the bare minimum one for cost efficiency or you can pay more to get more. Why not extend that to roads? They're an essential part of modern life and there is good money to be made in priority lanes and routes. Whether just businessmen in a rush, haulage firms that can't afford delay, couriers... there are plenty of people who could take advantage. The government aren't suggesting any RAISE in price to the average driver - you use the routes you already use, and it stays the same. They're just proposing that contractors could buy the extra lane on the motorway for £****-OFF-BIG-MONEY and toll it out. If that money was put back into the state transport system, rather than having to raise our road tax, I would be a fan of that.

    Like always it's the paper making a rats arse of it. Story means "government propose scheme to allow people to get priority access to extra roads at a cost". But they write it as "government propose scheme to privatise roads" because one mention of the 'P word' gets the outrage bus well and truly revved up and rolling.

    It is absolutely no different to offering private healthcare in addition to existing NHS services, offering fee-paid schools over existing state schools, and so on. They're simply looking at permitting people to create commerce in the roads industry, commerce that in turn will push more money back into the state roads system... which sounds good to me.
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  10. All for it.

    French Autoroutes and Italian Autostrada?

    Superb roads with services of a very high standard rather than the rutted tracks and services more befitting some turd world donkey route we get.
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  11. Ah, somebody else with an eco-friendly brain. You are right there are enough roads throughout Europe, we do not need any more – just upgrade and maintain the ones we have. As for other means of transport yes I am all in favour, we already have Combiwest, the beginnings of a new rail freight network makes use of SNCF’s underused lines plus we have Motorways of the Sea, the premise of which is to take heavy vehicles off the roads of Europe.

    The UK has got to wake up then realize that it cannot have its cake and eat it. Your government must understand that its people will not pay twice, it is either “Road Fund Licence” or Tolls they cannot have it both ways!! The other issue is the tree huggers that who think it is wrong to use canals and waterways to transport goods. We use our canals to move almost anything from grapes to sections of Airbus fusilages!!!

    Further direct or indirect taxation of your industry will only succeed in doing one thing - driving industry out of the UK and into foreign hands. Just look around you it is already happening, the French and the Germans are supplying your water, the Dutch and the French are emptying your dustbins, the Norwegians are supplying your gas whilst the Spanish & Irish are providing your express coach services!!
  12. Strangely enough one of the better things that the old Northern Ireland Government did was to spend ALL of the income from the road fund licence on the roads...

    Result: The best road network in the UK.
    (And they were able to see beyond the next election and plan for the long term, although to be fair they didn't have to worry too much about the next election)

    Nowadays, of course, the income just goes into the general tax pot.
  13. Whatever the reasoning behind this, rest assured it's not for our benefit. Perhaps if all Road Tax revenue went on servicing the highways, byways, avenues and alleyways of merrie Ingerlund - instead of a significant percentage being spunked straight into the Exchequer's Maldives Topless Beach BBQ Fund, then we'd have a servicable infrastructure instead of the glorified pikey-surfaced driveway that we call motorways and A roads.
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  14. The near constant roadworks on the Armagh end of the M1 were a tribute to that policy.
  15. Half the work on todays motorways (widening M1/M25) isn't necessary.

    All they need to do is teach the ***** on the road not to sit in the middle/outside lane when they don't need to. It really grips my shit.

    They should also make motorway driving part of the driving licence test.
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