Privates won’t be on parade, but burlesque is too risqué for troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ilikechips, May 11, 2013.

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    I'll quite happily take the tickets, and I think I'm in agreement with the article in the sense that this could be very much a case of misunderstanding what Burlesque is exactly like. Poor lads (and potentially women) from Headley Court, could have been an enjoyable night out. I wonder if the Chelsea Pensioners will take up the offer of the tickets.
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  2. It does sound a bit shit though.
  3. Group Captain Clair Walton cancelled the trip.....lesser
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  4. Not as shit as that crucible of bitterness and jealousy you call your life.
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  5. Only in Britain they can be prude enough to cancel something like this for the lads/lassies!
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  6. I'm not surprised at the narrow mindedness of the CO.

    Headley isn't as great as it is often portrayed, whilst most of the therapy is excellent, the overall management is quite poor.

    Decisions are not made for the benefit of the troops. It always feels like they will take the easiest path rather than put the work in to ensure individual disabilities are correctly catered for.
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  7. A lezzer would have enjoyed it. I think it's more likely she's just a humourless ******** content to shit on anything that doesn't fit with her concept of fun.
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  8. Burlesque is shit anyway. It's just suggestive fat strippers with femme fatale hair does and no bottle doing their best to hide the goods.

    Shit house. Take them to a real strip club and have done with it.
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  9. Sounds a better plan to me.
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  10. She would, she's RAF.
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  11. " Previous outings had concentrated mainly on sport, with several successful outings to the Harlequins home ground in Twickenham." so it's OK to see chaps thrusting themselves between other chaps in the scrum but a bit of tit is out of order? Sad cow- it's a shame that Headley Court is controlled by the Crabs ( I know the original remit and behest was for that to occur) but a more PC part of the forces could not be found. God forbid people should enjoy themselves. At least the swimming pool is bigger than in my day but only because the people of Leatherhead were offended by the wounded!
  12. Another crab with an inferiority complex? Wow. I can almost guarantee some of the DVDs at Headley are far raunchier - it's the nature of the people there.

    Simbo, afaik it was one mother who made a complaint. It was discussed on here at the time.

    I've never seen anyone from Headley in Leatherhead but I hope they are managing get into town for a change of scenery.
  13. Maybe they were worried that if they attended then the Daily Mail or Sun would run some shit stirring story about MOD sending troops to 'sleazy' establishments, thus allowing their readers to be overcome by outrage and the sight of girls wearing not very much clothing in the accompanying pictures?

    Damned if you do, damned if you dont.
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  14. Oberst-Gruppenführer Clare Walton sounds like a right bitch. I'd slap her with my prosthetic limb, if I had one!
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