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Privates Progress...

A Private was having a psychiatric test prior to being discharged.

The psychiatrist ask the Soldier.."Tell me Private, what would happen if I cut off one of ears?"

"It would be hard to hear", replied the soldier.

"Good" said the psychiartist, "Now tell, me, what would happen if I cut off your other ear as well?"

"I wouldn't be able to see" replied the Private.

"Thats interesting, but why do you say that?"

"Because my cap would fall over my eyes....!" :roll:

And another one.....

The Blonde WRAC Private on visiting the Army Psychiatrist shouts, "Kiss me, Kiss me Please!"

"No!" says the Army psychiatrist, "Thats unethical. I shouln't really be screwing you, Private Jones....!" :roll: :oops: :cry:

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