Private's pay circa 1982

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tobers, Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. Any old and bold types here who might be able to tell me roughly how much a private serving in 1982 would have made per year? Pretty please.
  2. I would guess at about 5-7k p.a.

    A TA pte/O/Cdt was making about 17 quid a day in 1983.
  3. You need to know how much a packet of fags was at the time. The equation is - cost of packet of 20 fags x 6 I think, and that seems to be the case the world over.
  4. 99p for 20 cheap ones, 1.20 for brand ones.

    A pint was 66p.

    That was the year i started smoking and drinking.
  5. If it helps I started in 1986 on £10.70 a day.
  6. 1977 - TA class 4 Pte was £4.04 per day
  7. Was that Juniors?
  8. April 1982 - 10.33 per day, therefore 3,770.45 per annum, makes you wonder how we could spend it all!!!!

    If you want the exact breakdown I still have my payslip lurking around somewhere with food accom etc., deductions.
  9. Would have been roughly DM400 - DM500 in the bank on payday. (DM3 to £)

    Good job Naafi was only 50Pfg a pint.