Privates on Parade

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by CAARPS, Jan 21, 2006.

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    Suppressing the urge to make a witty/flippant comment, how on earth in this day and age does an environment exist where a Cpl can think he is going to get away with a stunt like this?
    I am not naive and I have seen first hand NAAFI/Sqn/Sports bar antics, but FFS this is a Trg environment.
    Whatever the actual truths of the situation, more ammunition for our Forces Favourite (Toilet) Paper to stick the boot in.
  2. What a totally irresponsible prat! He should be well aware that rags like the Scum are just looking for juicy things like this.
    Although I can't really understand why the lads themselves didn't sort him on a dark and rainy night. That's what we did in training to a similar type of turd. He was as meek as a lamb after that. Very effective it was.

  3. Of course you did.
  4. Bugs, how do you know his bum is juicy? Think we should be told.
  5. Staaken, you're misinterpretating me on porpoise, I know. :D :D :D :D :D
    But I'll bite! So how do I know his bum is juicy then?

  6. Oh fcuk off. The only thing this lad has fcuked up is letting a camera get evidence. The 3 man lift isan old bar tick, ala Bombers Over Berlin. If one nugget quit in disgust, then this Cpl has done a good job. We don't need hermers crying about things like this. If he finds this disturbing, how the fcuk is he going to handle Ops ??
  7. Well said fella.

    Somehow though I don't think that Pte Soft Sh1te left the Army because of the bum-facing incident, he left because at heart he is and always will be a soft sh1te civilian.

    Good riddance to the cnut.
  8. why would a bloke wanna thrust his naked arrse into another blokes face anyway? is he gay? Best thing those 3 new recruits could have done is wait till a dark rainy night, and then thrust a broom handle so far up that corporals arrse that he wont be able to sit down for a month!
    Bullying aint big and it aint clever and it has no place in a civilised society, armed forces or otherwise
    Revenge is a dish best eaten cold!
  9. Sorry mate, but I fail to see how this will help the lads handle ops? Someone can still be a decent soldier without being made to look like a c*nt. OK, the lads heart might not have been in the job, and thats why he quit, but he may also of decided that he didn't want be led to war by a c0ck of an NCO who has such disdain for the lads under his command that he would treat them like that. OK, you do have to be tough during training, but you can go too far. And behavior like will have a detrimental effect on the lads moral, thus making him a less effective soldier.
  10. So I take it that is not a gay act.

    Civilians and birds, if it were up to you then Britain wouldn't have an effective fighting force.

    This broomstick you mention, how wide is it? Just wondering.................
  11. I'm sure some fellas' who want to join the infantry are having second thoughts, so would I if some f*cker thrust their sphincter upon my face... un-invited ofcourse.
  12. 1 gay act deserves another, dont you think? wouldn't have an effective fighting force? If we had sent 100 ladies over to Iraq, while sufering PMT, the conflict would have been over in a day and saddam would have fled screaming and begging to the yanks to save him!!
  13. You are a female who is not ever joining the infantry. Accept the fact that bum facing is for men.

    Stick to the AGC or knitting pet.
  15. You would have all been shot whilst deciding what colour nail varnish matched your dessie boots.