Privates on Parade?

Discussion in 'REME' started by sparky8, Sep 30, 2010.

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  1. So do you think the SEME lad on the back page of The Crafty knows that the last bloke who got his cock out in our hallowed mag was quickly bust and a civvy? Oh and the two blokes pointing to it too?!

    Do you think we should have a caption competition for The Crafty mag pics?!
  2. Well as they said to the last's not big and it's not clever oh and your out as well.
  3. So, the RE sack guys for getting their cocks out. If thats the case, how come we still have Para and Commando regs where, I'm sure, waving your dick is de rigeur.
  4. Scan it in! Dont be shy!
  5. Corps school recognition Fail ;-)
  6. Vertical Gyro
    It is impossible for any of us evaluate your comments without the evidence. Please post the biathlon picture at your earliest opportunity.

    Please note that this request is solely for the purpose of evaluation.
  7. Oh. I thought it was his BFA.
  8. Unfortunately it was his love of Bolivian marching powder that got him the chop from our glorious Corp, not the heinous crime of exposing himself to the nation.
  9. Fcukin hell,it's so small I couldn't see it at first.Buggered if I'd flaunt that around.The picture isn't that big though so I suppose that needs to be taken into account.

    A copper I knew got his tackle out while in London during a sesh after attending a tribunal.That's one pension that didn't have to be paid out.
  10. The lad that did it before in the football team picture did not get kicked out for that! Also it had been taken by an Officer then got through the editor so should have been picked up! The other lads that were pointing also didn't get kicked out due to this action!

    The magazine has an obligation to screen what they publish as it was on of the funnies that gets taken which then got published.
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    You only fix comms eqpt, you don't use it, right ?
  12. Ah well the Football lad passed into a bit of an Urban myth then because I was told that he was booted out. Glad he didn't, bit of fun at the end of the day but no doubt misplaced!
  13. Sparky,
    Did you get a microscope out to look for that little todger??? Mate, it's hardly visible to the human eye. He should have kept it in his pants :)
  14. Ah but Lord V, its bigger than yours though right?! Haven't you noticed that your kids look like Foz?! :)
  15. What a legend.