Privates on parade for Britains Prince Harry

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by WEATHERMAN1956, Oct 27, 2005.

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    No tattoo yet...butt he did prove he's going 'commando'.

  2. The Sun is a vulgar newspaper with pretence to be as vulgar as possible.
  3. Damn, I want to meet that Colour Sergeant, he just made himself a living legend. Or it's just all bollocks.
  4. Perhaps the post should have been to the NAFFI Bar forum. :oops:

    Vulgar as depicting the spare heir heil'in Hither? ...naww... if your
    'Colour Sergeant' better hop or in this case 'drop'.

    It's not so unusual fact I'VE GOT Chelsy Davy's face
    sticthed on MY 'Royal'. Just pinch our 'cheek' and we goose step!


    (Besides...they don't call him 'Harry' for nothing)
  5. No pretence about it - it achieves vulgarity on a regular basis!
  6. Ha! Funny story but I do hope his platoon aren't telling tales to the newspapers.

    Mind you it could be quite a nice little money spinner. Make up a story about one of them... 'future King picks nose during lecture' or some such rubbish... sell story to the scum - together with a couple of pictures... split the proceeds between myself and Harry/William...

    Harry/William - PM me if you are reading this.