Private video to YouTube?

I am looking for a house for my mate who lives overseas. If I video a “walk through” of potential houses, is the private Youtube setup safe and secure? I have looked at some alternatives, most offer free access, but limited to 20 gb files.
YouTube say they are limitless. Is this the best option or should I be looking elsewhere. I don’t really want to sign up for a 12 month subscription with any of them ,but would if necessary.
Send him the video via, it's free.

Edit - 20Gb, how big are the videos you're sending?!!!
Have a look at the resolution used by the video and give some consideration to down converting it to a lower resolution and perhaps using something with better compression. There's probably not much point in sending him 4K video if he's looking at it on a 720p resolution tablet or phone.

That may also save you loads of time on uploading it, and possibly data charges as well.

I've been dealing with video which people have been sending me in 1080p MP4 and converting it to 720p webm so that it would show properly on a cheap tablet. The converted files were 45 times smaller than the original. I converted it using ffmpeg, which is a command line program, but I imagine there will be other video converter programs which you may prefer.

Before you do anything, converted or not, I would suggest sending your friend a short test video to make sure that it shows OK on whatever he is using. The world of video is full of incompatibilities.

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