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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by atlas, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. hi
    im just abot to join the TA while i do my aprentiship before i go to uni.
    i was just wondeing how long it normally is before a private is promoted.
    im just curious, and also ive been told already im a bit of a promotions and medal whore :D...which to me is a complomant.

    thank you any1 who can satisfy my curiousity
  2. Depends on your type of unit...Inf can take up to three years as its experience based...and you will need DIT and PJNCO before you pick up...Well thats how we do it in my unit !

    How can you bee a Mutley (Medal Whore) if your not in yet?
  3. How can you be a 'medal whore' and 'promotion whore' if you're just about to join?
    Your an ex-cadet arent you.
  4. Don't even think of it. English is a prerequesite, and you're miles behind F & C applicants. Go back to school.
    Maybe you could train for the Cadbury's CDM?
  5. You're doing an apprenticeship and then going to uni? What are you doing the apprenticeship in, and what are you doing at uni?
  6. Avoiding doing a real day's work... :roll:
  7. Think your right there..he must be :wink:
  8. Aren't capital letters and grammar wonderful inventions?
  9. Don't listen to any of the above advice here's the truth as written in qr's

    1. Entitlement to promotion is soley at the discretion of the units RSM/BSM/ASM as appliable

    2. Promotions Can be purchased for a fee determined by the above under the 1812 promotion requlations

    3. the applicant for promotion must show extreme courage in dangerous situations

    The plain and simple way is to buy all your NCO's a crate of beer each on the first day you attend your new unit having been sworn in. Then slip your RSM 100 notes for your promotion costs then to prove you've got the bottle call the RSM darling whilst offering to do anything he wants

    Better yet go back to school and learn to spell whilst working in a job suited to your obvious intellectual capacity
  10. Well, with a name like ATLAS....
  11. And those are just the words my spellchecker doesn't like.
  12. Why is it the first question from a potential recruit always seems to be "When do I get promoted"
  13. "When you have earned it bitch!" my usual reply!
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Because they're keen, eager and utterly ignorant of the misery that is the job of a Section 2ic.
  15. At which point they start chasing their second 8)