Private Thomas Christopher Lake killed in Afghanistan

Ministry of Defence said:
It is with great sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm that Private Thomas Lake, from 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, was killed in Afghanistan on 20 November 2011.

Rest in Peace Tom. My condolences to your mother Carol.

I just found out I knew this young man when he was just a child. I remember him as a bright lively young boy full of fun. Blonde hair and never sat still. His mother was a hairdresser and used to cut my mother in law and my wifes hair. We haven't seen them for several years now but my wife put two and two together and realised the connection.

Once again. Rest in Peace Tom. I know just how much your Mum loved you when you were a child and how she will now miss you so dreadfully.
RIP mate

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