Private tennant, Boiler broken

Been renting a house since xmas. We moved in, and there was a slight leak on pipe in the kitchen requiring you to empty a bowl a few times per day or have a puddle on the kitchen floor.

The letting agents said they will get their man around tot sort it in a day or 2. Ive been phoninh them every few days, with their excuse of the man is taking the piss.

Today, the red light is on the boiler, and it will not come on, add the fact there is a drip underneath, and since being here the boiler has been on/off Cannot get hold of letting agent (small company)

Can I legally hire someone and bill them for taking the piss?
If its a condenser boiler, it probably needs to be re-pressurised! There should be a tap on it somewhere!
Tryt getting hold of the landlord rather than the agent
Still not recieved the contract, although did read and sign it. as it was in the xmas holidays and we signed at the house, he took the contract away, and after repeatedly asking, have yet to recieve it.

My patience is wearing very thin with these clowns now.


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Don't think so, mate, the owner has to authorise repeirs, if you go ahead with the repair, they could and probably will refuse to reimburse the cost to you. Best bet is to take a stroll down to the letting agent and get it sorted that way.
you really ought to check with the letting agency. Are they full management or were they just finding agency for the landlord?

Either way the landlord is responsible for maintenance and gas safety certificates. He/she may have a dedicated gasman for his/her work.

Try and get hold of landlord/agency in the first instance. If it really is push comes to shove then get it sorted and present the bill for works. The landlord may refuse to cough up? unsure on any point of law

Check first.

If you cant get hold of them, they aint good landlords/agency
Well it is nearly 11am and they are not answering the office phone.

Rent is due in a few days, if we have not recieved a contract, or the boiler is not sorted, im tempted to withhold the rent. In the contract there were all sorts of fines for late rent etc.
don't withold the rent!!!!

You won't make any friends with landlord. Probably terminate your contract and have you out on your ear.

Pop down to the office. if it's a small firm they could be out viewing properties.

Stick it down on paper and send to agency. Full management I guess?


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carlbcfc said:
Well it is nearly 11am and they are not answering the office phone.

Rent is due in a few days, if we have not recieved a contract, or the boiler is not sorted, im tempted to withhold the rent. In the contract there were all sorts of fines for late rent etc.
If they aren't answering the phone, get down the bloody office. Witholding the rent isn't punishing the letting agent, just the landlord who might well be unaware of the situation. I take it that when you signed on the dotted line, the deposit was paid under the deposit protection scheme? If not,witholding the rent will lead to the landlord recieving that as payment at some point leaving you with nothing to come back when you move again.
I know ive got to tread carefully, it is very frustrating being fobbed off like a cnut, and not really being able to do much about it without risking having me and the family out on our arrse.

Not yet recieved a letter from DPS, whereas I have with previous letting agents. I believe it is a x3 fine if they do not put it in? Is it in my interest to make sure it goes in, or theirs?


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Look mate, don't worry about the deposit for now, just get your arrse down to the office and get the boiler sorted.
Re-iterating what others have said:

Pop down to Letting Agents. They will have a copy of tenancy agreement.

Read tenancy agreement, find information like under his responsibilities, he is to make sure the house is well maintained. Remember, that agreement is there to protect you as well as him.

If he is in breach, and you have kept a log of when you first reported it and subsequently reported it, and you are really pi$$ed off, threaten legal action.

Has your house got an in date Landlords Gas Safety Inspection certificate?

Before you do all the above though, if you want to settle things well, try to get the Landlords number and speak to him, I deal with all my tennants personally, and have a good working relationship with them.
Phoned the office and spoke to the main man there who was not too happy about our service to date, and phoned a plumber while I was on the phone. Coming out at 2pm.

I now have his mobile instead of his staff if I have any future problems.


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Good news
Landlord had previously been a tight cnut, and it come back on him. Had Plumb Centre come and sort it.

There was a leak inside the boiler which had been there for ages as there was rust, and the cheap Indian the landlord had fit the water pipes in the new kitchen decided to weld them instead of using plastic connectors.

I know fcuk all about plumbing other than flushing a toilet!

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