Private (So called) Russell Sharpe

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. What happened to this guy after his "cutting edge" investigation?

    Where is he now? What is he up to? Did the celebrity awarded to him after the showing of his investigation live up to his expectations?

    And does he ever think, dam. I was on the cusp of making something of myself, then I lied to leave the Army, the joining of which was one BIG lie from the off, and I didn´t givea stuff about the Oath of Allegiance.

    Maybe he got to keep the video his "girlfriend" made of his Oath Ceremony and his "Recruit Training" video.

    Will he be on Celebrity Big Brother soon?
  2. Should be in jail for false attestation
  3. Who ??
  4. Yep, that is the chappy BV_T. So where is the sniveling slimy cnut?

    I would say weasal, but that would be unfair to weasals.
  5. The BBC were kinly asked to return his wages and the costs of recruitment/training etc to the Govt purse, while reminding them that Pte Sharp has made a false attestation and would face imprisonment!!
  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Fcuking pretender should be doing either the job he signed up and swore an Oath to do - Serve the Queen in HM Forces, or be sent to Gaza to do some 'proper' journalism. On the other hand, being a freelance 'investigative' reporter, there is little chance of that happening either.
  7. Seems to be keeping his head well down from what I can find on-line.
    I know little about how the Media works, but aren't "undercover" style reports usually done by experienced, time-served reporters, not given as their first ever job ?
    Maybe it's the cynic in me but I think that higher up the BBC food chain they knew this would happen and so used a "disposable" resource, rather than one they had invested time and money in.

  8. No duff?
  9. I actually think the lad has some serious spuds to do what he did. Not that much different from what some of the squirrels get up to really.
  10. His employment prospects might be slightly limited now that he's proved on national TV that he's willing to lie under oath and deceive others.

    I would still have liked to have seen him compulsorily mobilised to the Falklands to shift bits of wood around for a winter tour though.
  11. I think four years of weeding the camp with a spoon would seem fitting.
  12. Having a mole or two about is no bad thing! we forgive you russell.