Private Security Work in Iraq

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by roughton360, Jun 28, 2004.

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    I'm interested in Private Security work in Iraq but want some advice on who the reputable companies are and how much they pay/what experience they require, what the living conditions are etc. Any comments appreciated.
  2. control risks group have advert on their website
  3. A mate of mine works out there earning 5k a month - tax free. He is on a 1 year contract and had no prior experience appart from his military training - they sent him on a 6 week course. If he completes his contract and extends it he gets 9k bonus tax free. I'll try and find out who he went through. Watch this space.
  4. Try Olive Security..
    or better still...Global Risk Strategies

    My understanding is that you need to read the small print with reagrd to some firms that offer CP training etc..
  5. "DONT" go Olive
  6. Why? Did the owner shag your missus or have you sound professional reasons? It would be very useful to know them.
  7. With thanx to "Take that RSM" you will find the opportunities listed here.

    Seriously though, my advice would be to take a long hard look at the packages they are offering for healthcare, medevac and insurance for your next of kin. Then re assess to look to see if the £5K is really worth it. If you get injured don't excpect to get treated like you were in the Army still. If you were foolish enough not to have kept you NI contributions up you may also be in a predicament.

    If it any consolation, at leat your NOK will know that the bloke from the london office who turned up for your funeral, had a nice Hugo Boss suit on and some Gucci loafers to match. How can he manage to afford this years 4.6 HSE Rangerover as well??
  8. Thanks for the response guys - does anyone know what the casualty rates are?!
  9. about 500 per day i expect
  10. The url in my previous post indicates what fatalities there have been, I have not found anywhere that consolidates the number of contractor's wounded.
  11. Give me NI in the early seventies anyday,(Falls road ect,were scary). Needin them not feedin them. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  12. This package is starting to look a bit more reallistic, perhaps not as well paid as some but:

    there are by far better companys that don`t cut corners financially, (sound Professional advice :wink: )
    better still if you need advice in this field contact this lady

    shy helps run the CP Board
    however you wont be able to just rock up on the CP Board asking questions, you will have to ask to join and get your CV checked out first.
    good luck