Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by hunter30001, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. Immediately required : ex military personnel with at least 9 yrs service for vacancies in upcoming security ventures in Africa / Suadi and shipping companies. Please reply immediately to hunter30001 @

    We are establishing a new security company : The Knights Templar Security Services, and will be negotiating our first contract mid April.

    We have presented our terms to the client :
    £400.00 per day per man ( payed into an offshore account )
    A 1 yr min contract on all contracts obtained
    3 months on 1 month off
    full Insurance coverage
    1 months salary up front
    Accommodation / transport / food to be provided
    Equipment / Kit provided by the company
  2. Don't trust any company that can't spell!

  3. Or use a hotmail account.
  4. Given past history in the region, I'd re-think your company name....
  5. Where to start......
    -Company just set up but no contract, have you just left a larger security company so you "can do things properly"?
    -Needing ex mil with 9yrs service, but in what/with what experience? do you have lots of spare staff to sift and background check CVs?
    -£400 a day before or after KTSS's profit %?
    -Full insurance coverage including medical, war risks, K&R?
    -No defined geomarket or specification (you do both onshore and maritime)- sounds like "we'll pull something together and improvise, its what we're good at, cuff, cuff, bluff, bluff....
    -the client that has more money than sense to hire you needs to get out and about more so it can get ripped off by proper professionals

    Ditto previous posters comments on:
    the "Crusader" name
    the hotmail account
  6. Tell us how much are the 'vetting fees' etc?
  7. I bet the "Knights Templar" will go down well in Muslim countries,
  8. hunter30001,

    is avvin a giraff :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Who are you sending your details too? Think on
  10. just a tip on what was pointed out wrong about my CV recently......


    Your home address
    Date of birth
    NI number

    Lots of scams by fraudsters using ID theft to open bank accounts/car finance through above info on CV's, and it's easy to advertise for a job on the web and say send CV's to us - yet all they do, is sift through looking at CV's with enough personal details on to nick your ID!

    NEVER PAY ANY UP FRONT FEES to any agency for.....
    CRB/SC Checks (lots of agencies take £40 for these, but never get you a job)
    Travel/Hotel costs (book your own travel and hotel)
    Training/Uniform costs (No company should make you pay for training or kit. If they do, walk away) *some may ask for a deposit so you don't fook off, which is reasonable, as it's returned on leaving company.

    Dave :eek:)
  11. "knights templar" to work in those regions? what a dopey cunt.
  12. Knights Templar Security Services
    3rd floor,people's air cargo building
    naia ave., sto. nino,
    paranaque 1700,

    p: 28514182

    .......which is in the Philippines: would that be you?
  13. Well it Does say "Overseas Deployments" 8O
  14. Bollocks