private security companies

has anyone worked for a private security company in Iraq or Afghanistan or have an opinion on them? I am making a documentary about accountability but also what support they may get in the way of medical care or trauma treatment? any opinions welcome
Not being funny fella, whilst this is a free subscription website, there are still rules. You need to reveal your credentials to the moderators, ask permission and then and only then you may get some replies. You obviously forgot to read the unwritten rules. Oh and your manners.....


Trauma? "the incidences of trauma are nothing like the numbers that posters and the media claim" :wink:
Why dont you get an undercover job with one of the firms in question?

At least you will have first hand info and not hearsay and "my mate told me".

The septics have already made at least one docu about said subject.

Or better still go and shoggg someone who works for the firm you are intersted in?

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