Private Security Companies

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by scots_wahey, Oct 4, 2005.

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  1. Recently met a bloke who handed me his card - 'Blue Hackle'. Have looked them up on the Internet but usual corporate drivel. What is the word on them? Are they any good or are they the type you avoid like the plague?

    Probably in the wrong forum!
  2. PM me if you want
  3. Don't know if you've got The List CD. If not PM me and I'll send you some contacts.
  4. Muzzleflash and Rifleman69

    Just wondering if you could share your experiences/ thoughts on various PMCs in public?

    PMCs are a hot topic in the messes and among service leavers - I'm sure that there are a great many more ARRSE users reading related threads than contributing.

    Mods- Perhaps you could compile a dedicated sticky thread, perhaps incorporating the XC3 and previous threads? Just a thought.
  5. PM me - I don't work for them but will help if I can
  6. Have a look at the link on the

    Online SIA Course/Required for CP work in the UK thread below

    Not a good impression of what appears to be going on in one company

    maybe one to miss.
  7. Gimp,

    lots of horror stories exist out there. The security industry is mostly unregulated and the SIA has a lot of work to do. It is big boys rules and the workplace can be very dangerous. Big one waiting to bite a lot of people is IR35 compliance. Most people in the field are subcontracted, as it helps keep corporate HR overheads down and they get paid gross.
    problem comes for those who don't go expat and try to live in UK. If the inland revenue examines their work and it doesn't comply with IR35, they get taxed as if on salary- 40% if on good daily rate (ouch)
  8. Whether you go non resident or not appears to be the least of your worries.
    Pretty ugly goings on



    Reading further through the website it appears to get fairly slanderous so I'll not pass an opinion.

    it was the link posters first post so no doubt he was intending to bring it to a wider audience.

  9. I can confirm what company not to work for and that is AEGIS DEFENCE LTD, See their message boards on, with regards to the SIA link this is a very worthwhile and cost effective course.
  10. Nothing quite like giving objective advice Tophat is there? SIA definitely worthwhile. The BAPSC will be linking directly into the SIA and trying to help regulate PSCs from now on apprently- though haven't heard much more about it all. Generally speaking, you are always going to get bad apples in every company, just down to your own personal chice. Personally I'm just doing my job and enjoy the money for however long it lasts.