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Should Private Security Companies have a publically funded memorial

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Not sure if it's been done before, but here is the facebook link:

Which says:

Whilst attending the Rememberance Parade at the National Memorial Arboretum I noticed that the memorials are not all for military related groups.
This set me thinking, could we have a memorial erected for the members of PSCs who have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan (mostly) in support of Coalition Forces and the reconstruction of those countries?
This is just a thought at the moment, but I see no reason why we shouldn't be allowed to.
So, I invite you all to join me and see if we can make this a possibility. I imagine that people who join this group will have had friends killed in these theatres.
My initial idea is, if everyone is in agreement to erect a memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. I know that many nationalities other than British have served in our ranks, but as I suspect that most of us are/have worked with British owned PSCs this seemed the logical choice of location.
I want anyone to feel able to contribute ideas towards this project, and let's see if we can get it off the ground. So, any thoughts, ideas, offers of help etc will be more than welcome.
I may keep throwing ideas at everyone, see what the response is, and take things from there. If this does go anywhere I want everyone to be pleased with the outcome.
Just one thing guys. At this stage, please don't make mention of companies by name. There is some work afoot to try and get the backing of companies at corporate level. How successful this will be, and how long it may take I don't know.
If you join, then please feel free to get your families and friends to join.
If something like this doesn't happen, people will soon forget of our sacrifices over the last few years. The general public are barely aware that we exist. Not that I'm trying to promote the casualties that we've suffered, but to give us all somewhere to remember our fallen, where we can gather together and remember.
Having participated in "interesting work abroad" all I will say is that you do it for yourself for your own reasons. Partly the money, partly other reasons - depending on who you are. Either way, it's not ideals, it's not for your country, it's not for your unit, blah blah blah. Self.

Having difficulty reconciling this tbh.
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They can afford to pay big bucks for people to be there, the companies can afford to build a memorial IMO.
PinkBayonetPolisher said:
Fat_Cav said:
Are you still fucking here? Go away!
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PinkBayonetPolisher said:
Is this site not moderated at all
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