Private security companies in Iraq have been guarding troops

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Oct 30, 2008.

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    Does it mean that American army is unable to defend even itself?
  2. A large number of those security forces seem to be ex-military who've done a tour or two as soldiers and Marines in the US or UK forces anyway!

    Many if not most non-military convoys are protected by private security or a combination private security and military. A lot of non-military sites run by private companies fulfilling contracts are secured by private security.

    Some areas are under the control of non-military organizations who'd rather use their own hired security (usually ex-Army/Marines from the UK, US, etc.) and not have to deal with the US military's command system.

    In other words an organization like the State Department might use private security to augment their own security system rather than depend on the Army and have to submit to their regulations.

    On the other hand in a less dangerous area the military might use private security to 'free up' troops for patrolling, engineer activities and other missions.

    The money is there and so are the security firms--most of whom are ex-military--so I think the attitude is why waste soldiers?

    I don't particularly like it, I think security ought to be solely a troop function.
  3. I presume that private security companies are not constrained by exactly the same rules of engagement and political expedients as servicemen. If that is so, they might have offensive utility that is wider than that of servicemen in certain circumstances. Discuss.
  4. Private security companies are also in a position to provide a guard force of Iraqis (or locals in whichever country) to man the outer rings of security cordons - don't forget that a particular US base might have several separate checkpoints before you get anywhere near the GI on the front gate. Use of locals provides a better interface with local population - and a better chance of spotting those "odd" signs that might indicate a VBIED.
  5. Its well known that contractors are off ticket for statics and RoE, i believe that is the major consideration...But i am biased against contracting out! Period!
  6. Im currantly stationed in baghdad, as a member of the Brit Profor team, and it is crawing with as much private secruity(pardon spellings, its 10:42pm and ive come off stag) as there are americans. but its for a reasons. lots of kbr as well
  7. Not the same rules of engagement, but more likely restricted to the laws of the country - for instance, wasn't that pratt Karzi roundin up some of the Mercs a while back...?

    Considering they were providing security for them in Kabul, i personally think they shot themselves in the foot for that one...